• O Dubei Івано-Франківський національний технічний університет нафти і газу
  • O Panevnyk Івано-Франківський національний технічний університет нафти і газу


The article is about improving operation efficiency of the oil extraction equipment, including sucker rod pump units, by using oil-gas jets.

Using of the tandem setup that consists of electric submersible pump and jet pump during the process of oil extraction showed their high efficiency while operating wells both in normal conditions and in cases of various adversities. Due to this, in recent years it was proposed to use jet devices (jets) in oil wells operated with sucker rod pumps, when installed above the dynamic head of the well. These jets will absorb gas from the annulus to facilitate the rising of well’s production to the surface.

In order to implement oil-gas jets, placed above the flowing level in oil wells that are operated by sucker rod pumps we should firstly know the distribution of the working parameters inside these jets. Assuming that work and mixed flows inside of a jet are homogeneous, basic equation of the low-pressure oil-gas jets was obtained. We also developed an approved technique of using these equations for practical calculations.

As unrelated variables among the working parameters of the jet we took pressure at the outlet of the jet, the injection efficiency at the inlet of the mixing chamber and the volumetric consumption gas content of the work flow in front of the jet. When using the obtained basic equation of the oil-gas jets and implementing unrelated variables in it we received numerous unknown working parameters of jets and magnitudes of the necessary well figures. That became possible because of the developed calculating sequence of determining unknown values.

Using the developed method for calculating necessary parameters of jets we also created a computer program that was able to calculate the pressure, velocity and densities of work, inject and mixed flows in the control cross-sections of the jet. According to the results of the performed calculations certain regularities were established. In particular, the effect of the injection efficiency on the density of the mixed flow at the jets outlet when compared with the density of the work flow in front of the jet.

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