Issue №22 2022

  • Part №01
  • 149 pages, 23 articles
  • 61 authors (including 12 doctors of sciences, 28 candidates of sciences, graduate, masters, competitors)
  • SECTIONS: Industrial engineering. Management engineering., Mechanical engineering and machinery, Mining engineering. Metallurgy, Telecommunication, Animal products., Cereals and grain. Milling industry, Transportation engineering, Motor vehicles. Cycles, Highway engineering. Roads and pavements, Railroad engineering and operation, Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering
  • Part №02
  • 151 pages, 22 articles
  • 48 authors (including 10 doctors of sciences, 29 candidates of sciences, graduate, masters, competitors)
  • SECTIONS: Innovations in pedagogy, psychology and sociology, Innovations in agriculture, biology, Innovative economics and management, Innovative approaches in jurisprudence, Innovative philosophical and historical views